SAMATA Media Center-SMC is a non-governmental organization established in the initiative of active youth media activists in the Dalit community in the year 2071. This organization has been advocating the media in the field of ethical equality, human rights, solidarity, social justice and food rights to ensure the rights of the Dalit community.

The SAMATA Media Center-SMC has conducted research and research related to all types of discrimination, sustainable peace and harmony democracy, radio, television program production and broadcasting, Information Center, in relation to human rights, ethnic equality, food rights, gender discrimination, treatment process, Establishment, journalism training, feature service, book and leaflet publication, social media operation, monitoring violations of Dalit human beings and citizens to discuss and interact with the subject be direct concern to the media advocacy objectives, programs have been established.

In Nepalese society, to bring fundamental discrimination, dalit and women to be able to survive human rights, to bring fundamental issues to the Dalit people, who are suffering from dangers in the society, and to bring their rights to the human rights, injustice, oppression, exploitation, oppression and oppression of the common people and the concerned bodies. To create a society, there is a big risk of common media medium This organization is exploding.

The country’s ten-year civil war and 19-day mass movement has established 8 years of democracy in the country. Since the establishment of the republic, hundreds of radio and television, newspaper and online newspapers have been operated in the country. Even today, the people of the community behind the state are not getting the place in the media. New constitution is in the construction process through the country assembly. The demand for restructuring of Nepalese media as well as construction of federalism and the restructuring of the state is increasing. Discussions and issues of Dalit, Women, Janajati, Disability and minority communities have been shady in the media. So SAMATA Media Center-SMC has been set up with a hypothesis of building discrimination society through dynamic communication legacy.

Vision :
• Construction of all the equitable societies

Mission :
• Establishment of Right to Dalit community as well as ending all types of discrimination through conducting media for building equitable society.

Goal :
• To contribute to the formation of equitable societies with complete guarantee of social and social rights for social transformation.

Objective :
• The institution will be a nonprofit social organization.
• Working through the media for establishment of equality of dalit community and ending ethnic discrimination, moral disadvantages, medical practices, and sexual discrimination which exist in society.
• To make legal arrangement with social reconciliation for social transformation, and to create a fair society with full responsibility for human rights and promotion of peace.
• To promote the rights of food security, food rights, and livelihoods for livelihoods, as a right to live in the field of development journalism.
• To cooperate with the association organizations and other bodies related to the journalism sector, working in national and international areas, to exchange cooperation.
• Studies, research, meetings, seminar, interaction, training etc will be conducted continuously on related topics related to the area of social development and journalism.

Directive Principles :
• Unity
• Engagement
• Honorable Behavior
• Equity

Directive Principles :
• Human Rights Based Approach
• Ethnicity and social harmony
• Right to information and freedom of information
• Building the Scientific Society
• Democratic method
• Responsibility and transparency
• Sexual and social Inclusion
• Neutral from party politics
• Modern breakthrough of skills, art and culture

Strategy and Approached :
• Partnership with governments, donors, INGOs, Local NGOs and CBOs
• Rights-based programming and networking, alliance and coalition building

Lobbying and advocacy :
• Media mobilization and media campaigns

Working Policies :
• Along with administrative and financial bylaws, SAMATA Media Center-SMC has clear-cut and well-defined working policies in place. In keeping with their working experience, their guidling principles, the mission statement, its vision and objectives as well as the political and socio-economic situation in Nepal it has designed certain policies for thematic areas on which the organization works. These policies are :

• 5 Year Strategy
• Partnership Policy
• Gender and Social Inclusion policy
• Admin/Finance Policy
• Code of Conduct
• Human Resources policy
• Anti Corruption Policy

Areas of Expertise :
SMC has implemented various programs in the past and in particulars has strong expertise in :
• Media mobilization
• Advocacy, lobbying and campaigns
• Content development
• Research and publication (Dalit Related)
• Capacity building of journalists through journalism training (Basic and advanced)
• Mass interaction, Fact to Face and interaction (public forum)
• News Portel Operations
• Social Media Operations
• Good governance and peace development
• Climate change Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Rights to Food
• Community mobilization through clubs.

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